Tuesday 27 October 2015



It Is also known as Gol Gappa in Delhi and Pani Puri in Mumbai.  It is round, small and crispy. It is an appetizing delicacy made with ingredients available in your own kitchen.


1.  A Cup of sooji
2. A tablespoon of flour
3. ¼ Teaspoon baking soda.
4. Rock salt to the taste
5. Oil which will be needed for Deep frying.
6. Boiled and mashed potato
7. Green chillies (chopped)
8. Mashed peas
9. Chopped coriander leaves
10. Garam-masala
11. Tamarind pulp mixture
Method:  Knead the dough with flour, sooji, salt and baking soda. Make small chapatis and deep fry them.
For the filling: Add mashed potato, peas, garam masala, coriander leaves and green chilly. Add salt to taste. Once the puchkas are ready, Add filling and dip it in tamarind pulp mixture. The puchkas are now ready to relish!


1.  Boiled potato
2.  Muri or puffed rice
3.  Chopped Onion
4.  Chopped chllies
5.  Chopped papaya
6.  Garam masala
7.  Rock salt
8.  Tamarind juice

Method: Add all the above ingredients together except the tamarind juice. Once all the ingredients are blended properly add tamarind juice and squeeze lemon on top.


1.  Pav or burger bun
2.  Butter
3.  Onion paste
4.  Ginger-garlic paste
5.  Green chilli
6.  Boiled and smashed vegetable (carrot, cabbage, potato, capsicum)
7.  Pav bhaji masala
8.  Lemon juice
9.  Tomato puree
10.      Garam masala

On a wok, add butter and add onion paste and ginger-garlic paste and tomato puree. Saute till oil separates. Add smashed vegetables green chillies and garam masala. Add salt to taste and garam masala. Once the curry is done add lemon juice. Serve hot with toasted pav.


1.  Potato sliced and deep fried
2.  Fried peanuts
3.  Bhujia
4.  Bengal Gram fried
5.  Chopped onion
6.  Chopped chillies
7.  Chilli flakes
8.  Lemon juice
9.  Chopped corrainder
10.  Dum Aloo (curry)

On a bowl add the deep fried potato, then add dum aloo curry. Blend it well. Then add fried peanuts, onion, bhujia, Bengal gram fried and salt. Garnish with chopped corrainder.

Monday 26 October 2015

Best food joints 

The Delhi Mistan Jalebi- a legend in its own right!

You will never find such crispy delicious jalebis anywhere else in Shillong. 
Guaranteed one stop shop for jalebis!

 “Rajinder” who has been making jalebis here since 1968, says that he makes 100 kilos of jalebis everyday. 

Proof of the amazing sale that they make!
Located right in police bazaar.

The Delhi Mistan Jalebi- a legend in its own right!

Norboo’s  momo

Want fine Tibetan cuisine!
The BEST beef momo in town. Then flock to Norboo’s Momo!
 Situated in Jhalupara, Shillong on a lane accessible from the main road .
You can’t miss it! The BEST place to have the BEST mouth-watering momos!
“Norboo’s Momo” also specialises in Thukpa

An awesome noodles soup laced with spicy tit bits.


Madras CafĂ©’s TOMATO RICE

Served with a range of chutneys. Tomato Rice is a South Indian rice mixed with tomato, butter and curry leaves.

If you are in  the mood of a tasty South-Indian dish Go for it!!

Naga Rice Hotel

Here you experience the best Naga dish with beef and pork curry cooked with bamboo shoot and akuni(fermented soya).

The fermented fish and king chilly chutney will leave you craving for more!

Chow Phan(potato curry)

  Found in most of the localities in Mawlai. 

Small junctions that provide steamed chow with potato curry mixed with onion, pepper, spices topped with tamarind juice.

Chop Chana

Another mouth-watering street food made of alu (potato) chop, grams and pulses mixed with onions, spices and lemon juice. 

Served with a topping of coriander leaves.  

So famous for its taste that people literally go hunting down these makeshift food joints in street corners around Lady Hydari Park, Barik and Mawlai.

JADOH stall Laitumkhrah

  • Best khasi dishes for those who want to try shillong’s original speciality.
  •  Items available:
   Combo meal – 150 (Chicken, Fish,Pork)
   Chutney- 10 ( for all types of chutney)
   Chinese dishes
   Jadoh, jalieh.
     Ingredients Jadoh:
  sesame powder (as needed)
   onion (1 piece)
   salt (as much as needed)
   water (depends)